鋼の錬金術師 -FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST- Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Concept Art

Edward’s Last Transmutation


の錬金術師 -FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST- Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Concept Art

Edward’s Last Transmutation


の錬金術師 -FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST- Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Concept Art

"Al… Alphonse! Just you wait! Wait for me!"

Screw writing “strong” women. Write interesting women. Write well-rounded women. Write complicated women. Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner. Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. Write a woman who doesn’t need a man. Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks. THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.

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Ok, so here’s a thing - I want to get in art collage this year and that will cost me A LOT of money, much more than my parents are able to afford so I have to make some money myself.. I really really want go to this collage, so the only one thing which came to my mind and that could help me in this situation is to take commissions. I’ll love forever everyone who would spare some money ;; Also, it’d be much appreciated if you shared this post :’)

Payment through PayPal only~! 

If you are interested you can send me an ask on tumblr or email me at m7angela@gmail.com to order (feel free to send refs, plus don’t hesitate to ask questions!) and i’ll email back for confirmation and payment details

I will send your picture to you via whatever method you’d like! Probably will post it on my tumblr unless you don’t want me to (:

Things I won’t draw:

  • Ships in which Ed is with someone other than Winry,  same thing with Winry too (i’m really sorry, but i just can’t bring myself to separate these two..), 
  • mechanical stuff / robots

Things I can draw:

  • OCs,
  • ships, brotps
  • some NSFW stuff, but not too much nsfw,
  • fandoms’ things etc

Also I can draw in whichever style you want, mine or Arakawa’s, that would be up to you!

Prices are ALWAYS negotiable!! And please let me know if you think the prices are too high! Cause I’ve never done this before and i’m really not sure about them!


Are you ready? New Magazine info came out!
imagePersona Q continues to look adorable.

Aww yessss it looks like Teddie’s human form will get a show and—-wait a minute—

*Incoherent screaming*

Arena got the biggest news, mostly that:image
A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS and it’s RISE. I honestly never saw this one coming.

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I watched The Winter Soldier today for the second time and oh man i drew that crossover BC THAT METAL ARM i couldn’t stop thinking about Ed whenever Bucky showed up ;;

At first I wanted to draw Al as Steve but then i thought.. wouldn’t it be great if Winry was the main main character?! I just loved the idea of her being the main hero, so yeah, i drew her as Captain OHMY and besides they’re both blondes with blue eyes

Also, in this AU everything what’s happened in the first movie of CA would be a whole different, probably Win made ‘the automail’ for Ed before they took him for the experiment,mb he’s lost his arm in some fight idK, the idea was so random, i just really wanted to draw them like that, but now, after finishing sketching it, i’m realizing how much plot of Captain America would be changed in this AU and how many characters wouldn’t be even included (such as Peggy bc Ed would ‘take’ her role partly too)